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I'm so excited, I brought home 3 cacti/succulents today! One looks kinda like Jade, but no one seemed to know what it was exactly. It's adorable though, no matter what it is. I also picked up a Madagascar Palm. The last one....the last one I call Porcupine, or Asshole for short. It's a standard looking cactus with deceptively painful teeny tiny thorns that come off with the lightest touch. I may rename it Bastard Why Did I Ever Buy You.  And now my windowsills are full. (Though I still want a lucky bamboo and maybe another bonsai.)

In other news, finally I had a crazy-free day. Not my crazy, but customer crazy. Thank god though, my hip was bugging me. I did not need people  insisting that a product exists and has been available at the store when in fact no such thing can or ever will exist!
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